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Muffy     pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif

We transferred Muffy to Paws and More in Washington, IA, where she was quickly adopted on 1/1/19.  Happy New Year Muffy!!!!! 




Sex:                  Female, spayed

Date of Birth:    2010

Arrived at
Witty Kitties:     June, 2018

Biography:           Muffy is a beautiful long hair calico, sweet and very lady-like.  She was rescued from an abandoned barn along with several others.  She loves people!  She greets us at the door for breakfast.  She crawls into our laps when we're scooping the litter boxes.  She sits in our laps for even more petting.  She lets us pick her up and hold her for a few moments, but then asks to be let down.  She’s definitely got potential for being a lap cat! 

Special Needs:  FIV

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