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Lucky Lucy     pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif

Sponsored by William Tendick, Libertyville, IL (12/08 - 05/09)

We temporarily sent Lucy to the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center for more "exposure" to the public, and after several weeks, Lucy finally chose her very own family in March, 2011.  We will always miss this little sprite who never saw an open door she didn't run through, or a shoulder she didn't jump on.  Happy new life, Lucy!!!!




Sex:                  Female, spayed

Date of Birth:    May, 2006

Arrived at
Witty Kitties:     April, 2007

Biography:        Lucky Lucy was found under a dumpster just in the nick of time.  Her rescuer, Peter Stark, took her to a vet and found out she had some pretty serious medical problems.  A broken spine sometime in her past left her unable to control her tail; she also had some bladder problems.  Peter brought Lucky Lucy to Dr. Jenni, who fixed her up, almost as good as new!  Jenni amputated her tail so it doesn't get in the way when she uses the litter box.  And a course of antibiotics solved her bladder problems.  She climbs all over the place and you'd never know that she had a spinal injury, except for her cute, stubby tail (which she still is able to wiggle to show you how happy she is!!)   She LOVES people, which is pretty amazing given that someone was not very kind to her just a little while ago.   She sometimes leaves a little malted milk ball size "gift" of poop outside the litter box, but it's solid and not messy to pick up (we think she can't always tell when she's done in the litter box).  What a small inconvenience that would be for the lucky person who adopts this spunky, lively little girl!!
Special Needs:  Spinal injury with minor residual effects
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